Adding margins to a busy life

I’m an author. This means I’m a crazy person whenever I’m in the middle of a writing project – which is almost always. I tend to immerse myself in these projects completely, which means that the other parts of my life suffer. My job, my family life, my time with God, my resting time, my sanity… 
This year, my goal is to have more quality downtime. That doesn’t mean more time watching TV or perusing social media. It means doing more things that make me feel refreshed. Journaling. Coloring. Spending time with my family. Reading. Yoga. Meditation and prayer. Time with my creator. Hiking. Time at the ocean…. 
This means I have to be diligent when I need to get work done on my books. But it also means I need to have a specified quitting time. It means I need to schedule in my margins, the time when I’m not working. 
We all need this – mini sabbaths for the soul every single day. By allowing myself to rest, I am recharging my soul for my work, and I am being a joy to myself and those around me. ❤️  
P.S. I’m editing a book right now called Reclaiming Your Creative Soul. In it, I talk about how to add creativity back into your full-time life. I offer up steps to organization, from finances to health, and also offer tips for refreshing your soul. If you’d like to learn more, join my mailing list at

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