The Sabbath is a gift

The Sabbath isn’t just a command from God, it’s a gift. It’s a day God set aside for all of us to rest, and to draw closer to Him. When you honor the Sabbath, you are recharging your energy for the coming week. You need the Sabbath to be more productive every other day. 
So make it a priority to set one day aside a week to rest. Prepare for it by getting all your work done on the other days. Then when the Sabbath comes, turn off your phone, let go of your email, and put aside your work. Take the day to enjoy your family and friends, or take some time to yourself. Go on a hike. Sit by a river. Read the Bible or an inspirational book. Be one with nature and your God. 
Make the Sabbath holy, and receive the gift your God has blessed you with. ❤️ 

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