Angry child of mine,
     life is not fair.
You have more
than your
fair share of
But you can overcome.
     Life is life.
And it is only your own.

You must realize that.
Why wish for what others have?
Why torture yourself with
     all you are missing?

See your blessings.
Embrace your hardships.

          Take each day as a
     step up
the ladder.

Only when you
life for life,
will you see that
life IS life.
You will see the
in the sky.
You will see the
in the grass.
You will see the
and not just the forest,
     the flowers
and not just the weeds.
     You will breathe
     and know you are alive.
You will forget that
are a fatherless son,
and remember that
are a child of God.

And you are not alone.

     You are mine.
     And forever…
…I will love you.


4 thoughts on “Unfair

  1. For most of my life I heard His voice so clearly and I trusted it… now I’m just hanging on faith He’s still there… I’m glad you hear it, Crissi, it gives me even more reason to hope.btw that is such a great photo – did you take it?


  2. Sorry, I can’t take credit for the picture. Like many of my pics, it’s a great picture that has been “borrowed” off the internet. But I did take the moon picture several entries down…..


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