My son, the soccer star

This video is funny. Lucas’ team is the blue team. Lucas is #9, the one with the yellow shirt on making the goal. On the other team, the one kicking off, is the brother of my daughter’s first friend and soccer mate. His dad is the coach, and Summer’s very first coach for three years. His son is yelling at him to stop telling him when to go. You can hear me laughing in the background, along with my daughter. Are these 4 and 5 year olds not the cutest things you have ever seen?

Lucas LOVES soccer. If you haven’t seen me on most of these weekends, it is because our family has been living at the soccer field. That’s right. We’re there so much, that I have brought my tent out of storage, and we live right there behind field #4. There’s a porta potty and everything. And if you’re really desperate, there’s plenty of trees lining the field.

Anyway, Lucas is quite the soccer champ. His non-stop energy and inability to sit still all comes into play on the soccer field. For when that ball comes out, Lucas is on it like a hawk. His eyes never leave the ball, and he drives it down the field. Today he made 7 goals, and his game average is 5 goals. Yes, my baby is going to get him some edumacation college style through a sports scholarship. That’s the plan, and there ain’t no Plan B. 😉

Oh, don’t pay any attention to the kid pulling the shirt up over his head between plays. Um….

But the one problem in soccer, is that there are more than 3 soccer players to a team. in the Under 6 league, soccer games are played three on three. And they split one field into two, so six soccer players can play at a time. This means that 4 or more players can be seen sitting on the blanket waiting to be called in. This is fine for those players that would rather be picking flowers or their noses. But Lucas does NOT like sitting out, and he takes it personally when he has to.

This is what Lucas does when he has to wait his turn, and the game ends with him sitting on the blanket. He has to listen to his coach. He can’t just go in and keep playing. But he has to do something about it. So he cries.

Don’t worry. He got over it. Once I fed him, he forgot the tears. 🙂 And it helps that his coach really takes Lucas under his wing. After the blanket fiasco, Lucas wanted to go home. I had a talk with him about sportsmanship, and that he needed to “suck it up” (I was a bit gentler than that), and congratulate the other team.

His coach took over, and after a good coach talk and a pat on the back, as well as a promise of more playing time next game, he sent him on his way to give a high five and a “good game” to the other players.

If you wish to see more videos before you recruit Lucas for your soccer team and pay his mom/agent millions of dollars in royalties, please click here. If you just want to see Lucas play, go ahead and click the link, too. He can never have too many fans.


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