It’s amazing how in one day a mood can change. Yesterday I was wishing my computer was nearby, as I was just feeling so blessed. I wanted to blog my praises, to somehow put them outside of me on this here computer screen. And then today? The blahs hit. I’m feeling a little low, and a bit estranged from everything. I don’t like feeling this way. I know why I feel this way, but I’m unsure if I can make the blahs go away and stay away. They seem to be hitting more often lately, and leave just enough behind to snowball into the next blahs. And it’s getting rather tiresome.

I think I need some God time….some uninterrupted, quiet place, focus on my creator time. Because I’m just feeling like I’ve been taken apart and put back together all wrong, and with some missing peices to boot. Maybe He will fix me up and get me running again.


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