Not so sad.
Just need a cry.
A release.
A nose running
     tear streaming
         voice wailing


The pressure’s building.
The stresses are mounting.
The world’s waiting.
The sky is falling.

I’m not so sad.
No one thing
is too much.

it is.

Life is never.
the bad guys
the good guys

That’s life.

Hope for the best.
Expect.    The.    Worst.

Of course.

It could be
the hurt
    and the anger
        and the unfairness
        that someone
    I love
can’t escape.
And it could be
my tendency
to take up
other people’s cross,
while ignoring my own.

It could be fear.
It could be death.
It could be a baby…

    …who never was.

It could be the innocence of
4 years ago
the exposed pain of
4 years ago…
…the shocking truth
that sometimes
turn out different
than expected.

The first day of Autumn.
The life cycle begins
and ends.

The truth is
I’m not so sad.
I just need a
An acknowledgment
that today
    is a good day
        to cry.


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