That’s me on the right

Well, it’s September. And that means that it is cold. Very cold. Ok, maybe not Antartica cold, or even New York cold. It’s Sonoma County cold, and that’s cold enough for me.

I do not like the cold. Summertime, we had maybe 2 weeks total of super hot days. The rest of it was pretty mild. And when August hit, usually the hottest time of the year (unlike you Australian reader(s)), it came to be cold weather again, save for maybe ONE day. Today I am stuck inside typing up reports before I have to scour Sonoma County for comparable homes, and it must be 10 degrees colder inside than it is outside. And the only reason I’m not typing up outside is because the wind puts a chill on the teasing rays of the sun, making it warm and then freezing. So I am bundled up in sweats and typing away with frozen fingers.

My parents, whom I live with, have this thing about the heat being turned up. Even before the PG&E shortage a couple years back, we have never been able to turn the heat up past 60. And we could not turn the heat on at all until November. So when we could turn the heat up, we’d still have to wear overcoats and scarfs and mittens, but at least we couldn’t see our breath anymore. But this is September, a good two months away from being able to heat our house somewhat properly. I am shivering at my kitchen table, practically chained to it while I attempt to crank out these reports before the weekend. Hence the much needed break to write a nonsensical blog entry, as well as check my email and see who’s posted bulletins on my MySpace. Yeah, it’s a hard life. I wonder why these reports take so long to write???

I’m missing the summertime. I enjoyed a summer full of swimming, getting a great tan (i.e. a touch of color on my pasty white skin so that it was just white, not pasty), popsicles, skirts and tank tops, and more swimming. Now it’s time for bundling up in nonflattering clothes, just to make sure that my arms don’t spontaneously freeze to my chest as I cross them in front of me to create the illusion of being warm. And while I type, all I can imagine doing is curling up in bed under my THREE comforters with a cup of hot cocoa and a movie playing on my laptop, eventually drifting off into a warm sleep.

Hmmmmmmm…. I could work tonight and the weekend…..


One thought on “Cold

  1. Well… in place of dreaming about sunshine, you could take up a hobby! How about < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Beer Cannon 101<>?By the way… I am *so* much more cooler than that “lonely girl”… if for no other reason then the fact that I produce 15 second videos rather than 1 minute and 15 second videos. Shorter and sweeter! That’s me! 🙂


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