How do you pray?

I have a question for you. Yes. You. The one at your computer staring at these words. How do you pray? What do you pray about? Are your prayers at certain times of the day, spread out at various times of the day, or are you in constant dialogue with God? Do you pray at all? How do you worship? Do you dance? Do you sing? Do you do anything that you consciously call worship?

I use Christian words here, but I am posing this question to anyone of any faith who is reading this. I genuinely want to know how it is you reach God. So if it’s something else you do, what is it? And if you need to, write in anonymously.

Please comment on this entry, even if you just came upon this blog at chance. Peace and blessings to all….


4 thoughts on “How do you pray?

  1. i have this “unique” ritual in the morning when i spend some deep time of affection and reflection on him…my posture is a bit weird in that I hug my body pillow and imagine it is God’s thumb…but something about that brings me a tactile and a center of affection.


  2. wow, peter, that is awesome!Great question, Crissi… prayer for me has become something ‘more’ since I did a unit of CPE (chaplaincy). Interactions with others can be in the context of prayer… songwriting is the result of prayer flowing through… “Let every breath that you take be a prayer” is a song I wrote for kids once…I often find myself crying out to God in the shower!!


  3. I pray in lots of ways…usually when I’m in my bed at night…that is the “typical spot”…I took down the blinds in my room and shoved my bed up under the window. This way I can see the moon from my bed and I can hear the frogs in the stream below.The other way I pray is “hands on my steering wheel”…I seem to have a lot of extra time in my car on my commute to work!These photos are terrific!


  4. Prayer comes in many forms, I think we need all of them, at one time or another! 🙂Thanking Him for the enjoyment of food, for the food itself, for blessings and for support during trials, in formal ways that are carefully worded, and in informal, intimate ways, through song and through dance and through writing, and, and, and! I most often pray in the moment, just a sort of fusion with God that is almost wordless, it’s so deep. But I’m saying the pray with my heart, so words aren’t necessary. I notice He answers those “heart-speak” prayers quicker than the other kinds I do, and that people always know when I’m praying this way, even if I pretend to be doing something else, while I’m praying, so as to not draw attention to it.They can always sense that I’m praying, and they always get really quiet and respectful, which is lovely to see in someone.


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