High School Reunion

My 10 year high school reunion is tonight. I’ve dusted off my feather boa, shined up the sequins on my really short dress, and added another two inches to my heels. But then my daughter said I looked like something from a 90’s movie based on the 80’s, so I settled on a more demure outfit.

Truth is, I am a bit nervous about this reunion. Why? Well, not for any real good reason. But high school brings up a lot of feelings about judgments placed on others, and while I believe I don’t care what anyone thinks, I do. And 10 years is just not enough distance to put in between now and then. And also, I am not exactly where I’d like to be (living situation, job, money), though I am much farther than I was had I still continued in my old life. I’ve been divorced, while many of my peers are just starting their marriages, and families.

But while those feelings are in me, they are not comsuming me. I AM happy with my life as it is, and where I know I’m leading it. I have a great family, two beautiful kids, a wonderful boyfriend who will be at my side. I have a good career and a promising life ahead of me, and I’m much more sure of myself now then I ever was in high school.

In 10 years, I’ve gone through so many changes and trials. I am hardly the person I was then, yet I am still the person I was then. I expect the same is true for many of my classmates. We’ll see how it goes….


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