Did you know that when a crow sees danger, it will let out three consecutive “caws” to warn other birds? I remembered this little bit of trivia when I was taking a break from work to enjoy the newspaper on my back patio. A crow let out its call, three caws, at a startlingly loud volume. I looked up, trying to see if I could see where it was, and if I could see what it was warning about. I saw neither. But it got me thinking. What if there are things in our lives that are calling out DANGER to us, and we are ignoring the call? And of course, I saw a good blog entry out of it….

Lazy worship. This is my danger call. Do I thank God enough? Do I do enough for His creation, giving back all I’ve recieved? No. Not even close to my capability. Sure, I have the argument that I am a nice person and all. Being nice is a way to show God. But it’s been awhile since I stepped out of my comfort zone. I do not count my blessings nearly enough, and have been known to lately lament over what I need vs. what I have.

Danger. My faith is much more than it’s ever been, but it’s also the most comfortable it’s ever been. That spells danger to me. Reaching God is a never-ending process of reach, and here I am, poised on step #3 of a million step staircase. “I think this is far enough.” Never! I’m happy with where this staircase is heading, but there is so much more to learn, to strive for, to gain wisdom that I want to enlighten myself with, and those around me.

Is your faith in danger zone? Are you comfortable in your spirituality? Have you reached as far as you think you can? This is your danger call. Take it and keep moving.


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