Praise for Surfing with Christ

This weekend in San Diego was so great. And I have so many things to praise God for about it. But the one thing I want to praise God for today is Walking On Water Surf Camp. That’s right, kids learning about Christ while surfing, and through surfing. I love it!

I was reading San Diego’s Union Tribune, and on Saturday they featured this particular surf camp. And I was amazed! This is defnitely how I envison my kids getting passionate for Christ, through their interests, showing them that God is integrated in everything they do. And surfing is one of those things where it is you and the water. How cool is that to show a kid/teen that God is all around us, and for them to experience Him so fully in these serene and awesome times?

The thing about San Diego is that the kids are wholesome. Seriously wholesome. And I was noticing this all weekend. I saw God in everything and in everyone. And reading about this camp was the icing on the cake.

Anyway, the article speaks for itself, so I won’t say much more. Today I am praising God for cool ways to share passion for Christ!


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