Praise for Love and Companionship

God has blessed me. He has blessed me with someone special in my life. Someone I can laugh with, relate with, share with. Someone who shares my values for life. Someone who knows how to listen, who knows how to hold me in the kindest and most satisfying of embraces, who knows that a good and gentle hairwash can take away the blues. God has blessed me with someone who cares for me, through and through, in a way I’ve never experienced. Someone who has accepted me just as I am, and would never dream of changing me or confining me. Someone who allows me, encourages me, to blossom and grow.

God has blessed me. He has blessed me with someone who has the same corny and sarcastic humor. Someone I can be serious with, read the newspaper with, share the same political frustrations with. Someone who I can talk with candidly about God and life and what it all means, even though our paths appear to be different. God has shown me that in fact, our paths are very much the same, and our destination is identical. God has blessed me with someone who knows how to take part in a healthy disagreement, who will never allow us to cross unhealthy lines, and who will work with me to resolve the issue. God has blessed me with someone who takes his career very seriously, who knows how to provide for a family. Someone who has embraced my family into his life wholeheartedly. Someone who just works harder and changes his goals to allow us to continue to be in his life.

God has blessed me. He has blessed me with someone who constantly amazes me with all he is capable of, and amazes me with all he’s about. Someone who can kick a soccer ball like Pele, move with grace from years of yoga, have immense strength and a gentle touch. Someone with the most mesmorizing eyes I have ever seen. Someone who is unafraid to teach my kids values and support me in parenting my kids and his child, side by side. God has blessed me with someone who is loyal, who is head over heels for me, someone who I’ve grown so deeply close to. Someone who loves me with his whole being, without fear or reservation. Someone I can trust, so much that I love him the same way. Someone I am completely comfortable around. Someone who is different from me, yet so completely similar.

God has blessed me. He has blessed me with love. I was prepared to spend the rest of my life “alone”. Sure, I wanted companionship. But I was accepting of the fact that I might be on my own for the rest of my life. It was in that moment, when I stopped seeking, when I realized that my own company and that of my friends and family was satisfying enough, that He placed this man in my life. Over the last two years of not being a part of a relationship, He prepared me for this man. And when He saw I was ready, we met. And life has been a wonderful whirlwind ever since.

God has blessed me. And I praise Him for it.


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