The rain is coming.
Though the sun shines,
The sky is blue,
The summer is here in all its glory.
It is all unseen.
For in my heart, the rain is already here.
It beats on my heart.
It beats on my soul.
And I’m afraid to start crying
for I fear that I may never stop.
Turmoil rips at me.
And it seems so unfounded.
All should be well.
All should be serene.
But the rain is coming.
The rain is already here.
And I cannot stop it from
Life is full of unfairness.
Life is full of misunderstanding.
Life is full of disappointment.
Life is imperfect.
The rain is coming.
The rain is already here.
And I dreaded its arrival.
But I am relieved at its appearance.
I am greatful when it appears.
For when the rain is already here,
it will stop when it’s
     run its course.
And when it is over…
                                        ….It’s over.
And the sun comes out.
And sadness dries up with
     the sun
          that never left in the first place.


One thought on “Sadness

  1. thanks for letting me know and leaving a comment on my diary. i had a blog here once but i can’t keep up with more than a diary now i guess. even i have been soo reluctant to post an entry or two lately. heck, i must be getting a life now. lmao! i will miss you. it is still easier for me to find you on our common diary site. hope you go back there soon. take care.windchimes


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