Praise for Blogging

“Child in Faith”

Today I went through all my past blogs. I read or skimmed every single one. And it helped me in some issues I am facing right now. I received some answers for some things I’ve been questioning. And not only that, I saw how far I have come in my life, as well as how much I still need to learn. I was ashamed to have read some of the things I overlooked, and the things I am almost overlooking now. I am in a serious struggle right now, and if I’m not careful I could foul things up. For once in my life I am standing my ground. You know what? It is very uncomfortable. It is very unlike me. And I am so tempted to cave in and lay down, making all I have achieved….fail. Reading the past blogs put those answers in me, letting me know to keep on going, that I am not making mistakes. I will not question my actions any longer. I will not fear that what I am doing is going against Jesus’ teachings. I have been going around in circles, not knowing my right from my left, not knowing if I was lost or on the right track. I question no longer. I will go forward.

Today I praise God that I live my life outloud, that the words He has given me had future purpose, that my past self helped my present self in my struggles.


One thought on “Praise for Blogging

  1. This is so interesting that you’ve posted this. I read the e.e.cummings post first and I was thinking….Wow, Crissi has come so far since I first started reading her blog. I can FEEL the peace in you coming across in your words. Now I read this post and find you are feeling what I am observing in your writing. Blessings to you, your children and upon your lives. I pray the peace continues as you surrender all to the Lord. I praise God some of those tougher times are behind you.


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