Praise for the Never-ending

Last night, George and I were talking outside underneath the night sky. Because of the moon and the porch light, our view of the night sky was limited, though still impressive. And it became clear just how small we are as humans, how small our planet is, and how large our universe is. How big? Never-ending. We are but one galaxy in this universe. We do not know if there are other earths out there, what their sizes are, if there is another galaxy where life forms exist. We do not know how many galaxies there are, though it’s been calculated to be roughly 125 billion, 3,000 of them viewable by telescope. Is there other life out there? Are we but one earth of many in a never-ending universe that hosts something like 125 BILLION galaxies? Are we the only one? When thought about, that is hard to wrap your mind around. This universe keeps going. There’s no wall, no edge, nothing. So me, at 5’4″, I’m but an atom. I find this all fascinating. And as I stared up at those tiny specks of light that were scattered across the sky, they took on new meaning and appearance.

There are many things that are never-ending. Our minds, for example. There is no end to what we can learn, and we are learning until the day we die. The size of our brain does not matter, it’s capablility does. Numbers are another never-ending. The amount of stories we can tell, love we can give, the size of our souls. God is never-ending. And us? Our lives here on earth are numbered, but our spiritual existance is never-ending.

This whole thought is wonderful and fearful at the same time. I do hope that when it is my time, I will get the chance to see the universe as it is. I cannot even fathom the reality right now. As I try, I feel just so small, and dizzy from wondering what’s out there. That’s a lot of space to fill up….

I praise God for all He’s created, how mighty He is, and that He’s the one in charge. And while I’m small, I praise God that he can be small too. I’m small, I’m not insignificant. For that, I praise God.


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