Praise for Questions

Today (yesteday) I praise God that I do not have to hold my beliefs in a neat little box. I praise God that when we call ourselves Christian, that it can mean so many different things, and that’s ok. I worried for awhile, because my faith looked very different from my friends of the same church. I worried that I really wasn’t Christian, and that’s all I’ve ever known myself to be. At times I still wonder if I can truly call myself a follower of Christ. My faith is so messy, so all over the place. But God allows us that room to interpret Him and His word so many different ways. We have had our faith passed down through so many men and in so many different ways, that our beliefs could not possibly be perfect. God will not hold that against us. He asks us to honor Him, to serve Him. We can try our best to get closest to the TRUTH, but it is not until we stand in His presence in the next life that we will know the ins and outs of what IS, what WAS, and what IT ALL MEANS. And for that, for nothing in this life being forced to be concrete, for being able to have doubts, questions, wonderment, and not have it held against us, I praise God.


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