Praise for Smiles

smilePraise God for today, for everything that is making me smile! These days I have so much to be greatful for, so much to give praise for. I woke up this morning with a smile. As I drove my son to preschool, I thought about what I wanted to praise God for in my blog, and smiles came to mind. I’m in such a good mood today, that I want to share all that is making me smile, just today alone.


  • For the memory of a lingering kiss. Being in love, and being loved, makes me smile.
  • For the Dave Matthews CD “Crash”, especially the 5th and 6th song. The way those two songs merge into one, that makes me smile.
  • Waking up early before anyone else. The morning makes me smile.
  • Enjoying a perfect cup of coffee with soy milk. Mmmmm!
  • Finally being one and at peace in my beliefs and faith in God. Having no conflict inside of me, and feeling this close to God gives me reason to smile.
  • 40 Days of Praise makes me smile!
  • My friend Kristie, who is on a mission trip to Cambodia. Her courage and selflessness make me smile. See her pictures HERE. To read about it, CLICK HERE.
  • Knowing that camp is two days away makes me smile.
  • Big morning hugs from my kids. 🙂
  • My new layout here on my blog. I really like the way it looks, with all the blues and ocean, it makes me smile.
  • Slumber parties make me smile.
  • All my future life plans that are in the works make me smile.
  • When my mom talks to the chirping bird outside stealing our cat’s cat food, telling it to cut it out as if it understands, that makes me smile.
  • My daughter mimicking me by drinking tea every day makes me smile.
  • Another work week filled with lots of orders (i.e. more hours=bigger paycheck) makes me smile.
  • My friends, and being able to hang out with them, make me smile.
  • Another promise of a beautiful day makes me smile.

Thank you God for all this happiness you’ve placed in my life! Thank you for all the reasons I have to smile. I praise you for such a beautiful, universal way to show happiness.


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