Praise for COFFEE!!!

I know Danielle has already done it, but praise God for COFFEE!!!

When I was about 14 or so, my dad and my aunt started their own coffee shop up in the mountains, in Calavaras County. When I’d come up to visit, I was put behind the counter. I learned really quick how to froth milk perfectly, make a great mocha, and earned a love for vanilla lattes. I was also a terrible barista, as more than once I snuck a thumb in the coffee to make sure it got warm enough. The biggest thing I came away with was a newfound love for coffee.

There is nothing better (according to me) than getting a strong Americano in my favorite local coffee shop, and sitting in solitude while listening to some good music. When I was newly divorced, I didn’t really know what to do with myself. But I knew that I needed to get myself out of the house when I could, or else I’d regret it. So I’d go to the coffee shop. And I’d bring a book or a newspaper. But I’d use that as my cover up of watching people, or just enjoying being alone. Going to the coffee shop became, and still is, my idea of a perfect afternoon or evening.

I am now a coffee snob! My grounds come from beans, and I grind them every morning. My favorite kind of coffee to make at home is Sumatra, and I love using a french press to make the perfect cup. Oh, here’s a good recipe for french press coffee:
Grind up the beans with a pinch of chile powder, coarse black pepper, and cinnamon. Put it in the french press and let steep with hot water for 5 minutes. Enjoy! I tell you, delicious!

So yes, I praise God for coffee, for morning coffee, afternoon coffee, coffee made just right from the perfect bean. And if you ever want to bring me a cup, I take a bold cup with half and half or soy milk. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Praise for COFFEE!!!

  1. Thank you God for coffee. My dad has often said that if you wanted to completely disable the United States, all you’d have to do is cut off out coffee supply. He’s right. My favorite java saying: “Drink coffee: do stupid things faster, with more energy!” Hey, I love the new blue design.


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