Two days of Praises – Praise for Blogs

So, I’ve been away from my computer this weekend, and I missed my daily praise. So today I will give two lighthearted blog praises, but praises just the same.

Yes, it seems silly. But praise God for Post Secret. I smile at some, feel sad for others, and relate with a couple that I hold as secrets, too. Every Sunday they post new secrets, and every Sunday I faithfully check them out.

Another blog I am praising God for is A New Life Emerging. This guy is so completely inspiring, and just amazes me with his faith and knowledge. I strive for a spirit like his. I encourage anyone reading this to check him out regularly.

Anyway, in general, I praise God for the blogging world. I started this a year and a half ago as a totally different person. It’s interesting reading through past blogs and seeing how much I’ve grown and changed. I’ve questioned many things through this blog. And I’ve even some to some answers in this blog. Someday I will feel the need to stop blogging. But for now, I’m still here and growing with it.


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