Praise for Girlriends

There’s this one “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie is in Paris, after moving there with her boyfriend. And she happens upon this cafe where 4 french women are having lunch together, much like she used to do with her girlfriends back in New York. And she realizes how much she misses them in this strange country where she only knows the man she moved with.

Today I praise God for girlfriends in general. These past two years of being divorced, I have discovered the importance of my relationships with friends. During my marriage, I did not have any close friendships. I had one girlfriend, Wendy, who kept in contact with my unfailingly. And I did not know how to be close to her and confide in her. Since my failed marriage, friends have been popping up out of the woodwork, old and new. And without them, I do not see how I could have survived this. Wendy has still been there for me, and the relationship has definitely strengthened. Lori has been there for me through my custody battle, and as a true confidante through my struggles with all this. New friends through an old homegroup, Gina, Donnell, and more, have been girlfriends that have helped me grow. I’ve been having much more fun, have girls I can call on a whim to bitch to, laugh with, support and be supported, and just have that female companionship that every woman needs in their lives. Love relationships are wonderful, but those you share with those of your same sex are vital to live and relate with. Having girlfriends has given me a life filled with fun and sisterhood. Praise God for girlfriends!!!


2 thoughts on “Praise for Girlriends

  1. You know it. Girlfriends are where it’s at. My friends have come around me and really helped me hold it together. They are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and I praise God he brought some special women into my life. Praising God for your gift of girlfriends as well!


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