Feeling closest to God.

Granted, I don’t feel close to God when I’m with my horse. My horse is my friend when I am going to give her food. But, the gist is the same. I feel closer to God when I am outside, alone, and in nature, enjoying God’s creation. I feel closer to God after everyone is asleep and I get the chance to talk candidly with God while looking up at the massive sky of stars. I feel closer to God when I am extremely happy, whether it on a wonderful Saturday afternoon with my children, or cuddling with someone I love. I feel closer with God when I am singing God’s praises and recalling all my blessings, than I do being told about God in a sermon.

But I think this is ok. I think this is how it is supposed to be.

The thing that this postcard’s author missed is that God is with us all week long. And sometimes “church” is not on Sunday, but out in a field with the very thing that makes us whole. In her case, her horse. My purpose for church is to learn about God, and to receive that necessary reminder to open my Bible midweek and read His word. I do not believe church is necessary to be close to God. It might not even be right for some people. That’s ok. When it’s not right for me, I don’t go. That’s ok. What is necessary is to seek God out OUTSIDE of church, and not just on our weekly church day. God is not only in church. He is in us. Always. That means He is ALWAYS with us, not just when a pastor/priest/etc, is telling us about Him, and asking us to turn to such and such scripture.

I think about God every day. The majority of my day is in conversation with God. Even when I am not talking directly with God, when I am talking to someone else or just in a time of silence, God is in on it. He is always at my side, even at times when he is more distant than anything. Even in my times of not feeling Him, I know He is still there, but just silently observing. When I don’t call on Him, He is there, waiting for me to call on Him. And that makes me happy.

I feel closer to God when I am me. And I think that is what the postcard’s author is really saying.


3 thoughts on “Feeling closest to God.

  1. Amen! I think that’s a very great place to be. WE can be told and told and told that we can experience God outside of the church buidling, but until we do, that means nothing. And sometimes so much pressure is put on coming to a weekend service that we think we should expect more out of it. Honestly, 9 times out of 10, I go to church for the people I’ll see or the fun I’ll have singing. It’s only once I get there that I think, “Oh yeah. God, please speak to me tonight. Show me something new.” Oftentimes it is a miniscule part of the sermon or music. Perhaps a verse that was mentioned, but God reveals it to me in a new way–maybe a different way than the pastor explains it or different than anyone else around me understands it. I love those moments.Love you lots. I love your honest approach to everything.


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