In the news today….

An ancient manuscript rediscovered after 1,700 years takes a “contrarian” view of the relationship between Jesus and Judas, the disciple who handed him over for crucifixion.

Instead of portraying Judas Iscariot as a traitor, as the canonical gospels of the New Testament do, this document — the Gospel of Judas — indicates that he acted at the request of Jesus to help him shed his earthly body.

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And in other news…..

Combining evidence of a cold snap 2,000 years ago with sophisticated mapping of the Sea of Galilee, Israeli and U.S. scientists have come up with a theory for how Jesus could have walked on water.

Their theory: It may have been floating ice.

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If this article is true, will this hurt your faith? Will you claim that science is lying, even if all proof is in the ice? Or will you believe it to be true, and then doubt the holiness of Jesus? Can science and faith coexist?


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