And today I am angry. Tuesday’s arraignment went fine. He is stuck in jail with a $25,000 bail. The DA wanted $100,000. But they kept it at $25,000. But today is a second arraignment, because Randy is trying to get the bail reduced, or just be let out on probation. I have to wait to see what the result of that is. And I can’t accept the fact that he might be let out.

But I’m feeling really pessimistic about the whole thing in general. I do not see him serving any real time in jail. Sure, he might be stuck there until the court date. But I’m willing to bet that he is let out and just put in some sort of program. And once again, Randy will skate any real punishment and taking responsibility for his actions.

And I am angry about what those kids went through over at his house. Not just this instance, but as a whole. How Randy ignored them, how Nikki emotionally abused them. How much they have suffered as a result. How Summer feels the need to protect her dad through all of this, and is confused over what’s going on. How Lucas is an angry child in general, getting in fights and breaking his friends’ toys. How they were stripped of being able to live in a loving home at their father’s house, and how I chose to be oblivious to the extent of how bad it really was.

Most importantly, I am adamant that the kids will not be going over to their dad’s house for quite some time. I filed child custody changes along with the restraining order. And I am fighting for full custody with no visitation, at least until he gets some help. Then I will only accept full custody for me, and supervised visitation for him.


I just got off the phone with Kandy, his mom. She informed me that Randy’s bail is not being reduced. Nikki is trying to scrounge up bail money, she needs $2,500. But she just discovered that Randy’s last paycheck bounced in the bank. So it looks doubtful that she’ll come up with the money. SO for now, the kids and I are safe.


2 thoughts on “Angry

  1. I am finding the same thing, that our judicial system stinks. Does it really protect us? I fully understand where you are. They slap people on the wrist and say don’t do it again. No real lesson learned. Sad. I will keep you and the children in my prayers.


  2. Been there~ justice comes from God and HIM alone~ so put your faith not into this world but stand in faith to know that JESUS will bring justice. Crissi, don’t worry for nothing,not a single hour will be added to your life through worry~ let me know when you need me to go to court w/ you~ I’ll be there. Love Lori


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