Prayer request

Alright, this isn’t really a faith post here, but I’m posting this here just to let all of you guys know who read this blog. Randy got arrested yesterday. I had to go to his house to pick up the kids because he’d been drinking. And he was being belligerent and threatening, so I had to involve the police. Long story short, he got threatening with the police, he wouldn’t give up the kids and kept them locked up in their room, and a weapon was involved. He finally brought the kids outside, and the kids had to see their dad laid on the ground and arrested. I spent all day yesterday, until late last night, at the police station filling out paperwork and being interviewed by detectives. The kids were wrecks, especially Summer who is very confused about what’s going on, feels terribly for her father, and wants desperately to defend him.

Besides that, we are all fine. A temporary restraining order is in place, and on Monday I am filing for a regular one. And I am going forward with custody changes. He will be in jail until his arraignment on Tuesday. Then it will be decided if he will stay in jail, or something else.

Any and all prayers are appreciated, especially for these kids. They’re the real victims here, and I feel horribly for them. While the events that have taken place are actually beneficial for Randy to get the help he needs, and for the kids to be safe now, the fact that their dad is in jail, and they had to witness all they did is just devastating.


6 thoughts on “Prayer request

  1. I will be praying diligently for you. I am in a similar situation, my husband is going to go to jail when they catch him, and what has just happened to you has happened with us, I am so sorry that you and the kids had to experience that. Look to the Lord for His answers, He is Faithful, Righteous, and Loving.


  2. Crissi~ Rudy is in the Philippines~ come on over 24/7~ whenever for whatever…he and I both will pray for you. I can testify to you that the kids are going to be okay~ I promise. If you need help w/ the restraining order…been there done that. LOVE YOU, Lori call me on my cell it’s in the directory


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