Here I am Lord, naked before you. Nose to nose. Heart to heart. Your life surrounding mine. Nobody around, no distractions. It’s just you and me. Intimate. Feeling. Serene. Holy. I’m laying down my burdens to get as close to you as possible. And though you and I both know that some of those burdens, maybe all of them, will be picked up again by me, just for this moment we are dancing one on one. There is no need for forgiveness right now. There is no need for any of my humble requests of you. It’s just you and me, you enjoying your creation, me enjoying my creator. Our breath combined to create one inhale and one exhale. It is here that I am holy, sharing in some small way what you are. I will never consider myself perfect, though in you, I am. To live in this worship forever, to be surrounded in your glory without end, this must be my small glimpse of Heaven. I praise you Lord. Thank you for being big enough to create me, and small enough for me to touch you. I could fall at your feet, but in this moment, you are looking in my eyes and loving me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.


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