Prayer needed!!!

Nikki, Randy’s girlfriend, is in the hospital right now having Summer and Lucas’ baby brother. She went in last night to have her cervix softened and dialated. But I just heard from my mother-in-law that at 5 pm today, they decided that the baby just wasn’t going to come on its own. I’m not sure if Nikki actually got to labor, though I’m sure she had to experience contractions. Contractions brought on by induction are extremely strong, and they hurt. Now she is going through an emergency C-section. Any and all prayers are needed to put the Lord’s blessings and protection on baby Riley and Nikki.

Father Lord, I ask for your gentle hands to guide the surgeon, and to give Nikki strength and take away any fears she might be having right now. I ask for all things to go smoothly with no complications. And Lord, if it is in your will, please speak to Nikki’s heart and soothe her hatred of me. Help her understand I wish only peace and happiness for her, and for some sort of friendship to develop between us, for all this to take place so that our stresses will be gone. But mostly, I ask for your all powerful protection over Nikki and the baby, that no stress jeapordizes their health. All this I ask in your name, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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