Uncircumcised love

I have to wonder how Christian we are when as Christians we tend to be so seperatist? More times than I’d like to hear, I’ve heard my Christian friends say they don’t even know people who aren’t Christian. Or people who aren’t Christian are known as THOSE people, as if they are some sort of evil group to steer clear from or feel sorry for. I finally finished Blue Like Jazz, and I found myself nodding enthusiastically throughout the whole thing, especially towards the end. He mentions how he found how refreshing his secular friends were because of how real he could be around them. He befriended this group of hippies, and together they talked about all sorts of things. And all the while, there was no judgment, no preconceived notion about how they were SUPPOSED to be. They just were. They were absolutely themselves. Then he talked about his Christian friends. And though he loved them too, he found himself censoring himself constantly. He heard constant judgment. The evil poor were considered charity cases to be saved. The evil rich were considered hell bound. Topics such as sexual orientation, political stances, alcohol users and such “unchristian” characteristics were big topics, and you were expected to be on the same side. If you weren’t, you were placated, then talked about behind your back. And I’ve seen this happen. I’ve seen the seperatism, the idea that Christians are the best people on earth. But what if we’re the worst? What kind of message are we sending if we aren’t loving ALL God’s people? And not loving them as charity, and not loving them with the ulterior motive of changing them, but loving them just because? “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Galatians 5:6 Being a Christian is not being seperate from the world. Through our love, Christ will work. He is stronger than us, He is bigger than us. Love by example, love by action. Don’t just use your words, but love with all your heart. By your unbiased and uncircumcised love, that’s how Jesus will shine through.


3 thoughts on “Uncircumcised love

  1. In a message from Pastor Russ he talked about using God’s name in vain…and I used to think that meant using “GOD” or “JESUS” in a curse word or something~ but I was wrong…it meant being a “CHRISTian” and how our lifestyles preach to others who CHRIST is in us. So I get what you are saying. Just remember that we’re all sinners and fall short of being perfect~ except in God’s eyes. And nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. All of us.


  2. My husband and I have had the same conversation many times recently about “Christians”. That is a loosely used term in the world now. We have discussed salvation and judging also. I second the thought that we all fall short. AMEN.


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