Arise, be our help
Place my trust in your kindness
It’s a must hoping in the God of deliverance
Since way back when before time began
Existing eternally, everlasting, rejoice in the name of his majesty so we sing
Exaltation, my God of salvation
The field and there in will be filled with jubilation
The Lord’s name will be proclaimed
“Exaltation”, Matisyahu

The Lord makes His voice known in mysterious ways. Randy and I are getting along really well right now, so much so that when I “dicovered” Matisyahu, I made him a CD of the songs I’d downloaded. Matisyahu is a Jewish reggae artist. If you were to see him, you would think he was a joke. He’s tall, wears a big black hat, and a long black overcoat. And he’s a WHITE reggae artist. He looks like reggae gone amish or something. You’d think he was a joke, that is, until you heard his songs. He sings songs so full of his love of God, and he’s definitely spreading his message through his songs. On Live 105, they even play his “King Without a Crown” song. If you’ve never heard him, I really encourage you to look him up.

So anyway, my point, and yes I have one. I made this CD for Randy, and apparently he listens to it all the time. He works at a drug and rehab center, and a lot of times has to transport patients in his car to their homes after treatment is finished, or to other facilities. The other day, he had to transport this one female patient to another facility. She was Jewish, but really lacking the faith. When Randy heard she was Jewish, he told her about this CD I had made him, and told ehr about the guy singing it. He asked if she’s like to listen. She unenthusiastically said, sure. Well, halfway through the CD, she was bawling, and confessing her desire to know God again. She is now reconciling with her husband, going back to being a mother, and working at staying clean.

And this was all from just making a CD with no thought put in it whatsoever. Amazing.


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