Sick :-(

So yesterday I spent the whole day on the couch, laid up with the flu. And I had the flu in every sense of the word! Not fun. I couldn’t even eat anything, and Summer was so concerned about me. But the good news is that those wonderful kids of mine were on their best behavior. Summer made her own lunch and breakfast, and took care of Lucas too. And they played outside most of the day, but when they were inside they hung out with me and watched all my chick flicks I wanted to watch, all without complaint. Of course, we also caught up on Jimmy Neutron with their marathon. Lucas already had this flu, and he’s the one who gave it to me. He spent his inside hours laying as close to me as he could get without making me sick. Hopefully it will bypass Summer, since they are going to their dad’s house today and I don’t want them spreading it on. And I would offer to keep the kids this weekend so that Randy’s household won’t catch it, but I’m still feeling a little weak and queasy, and could really use the kid free days.

So that’s my world right now. Hope the flu bypasses all of you!


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