Hurricane Mission Pictures

Preparing for the mission.

On the way to Louisiana, we had to make use of the rest stops. It was pretty comical being the little guy for once in my big honking van against these big rigs! This was in Arizona, the state with the cleanest rest stops and most beautiful highways, scenery, and overpasses. Of course, it also lacks people and businesses, but you can’t have it all!

Donated RV from Dot and Bobby Chance being put to use by Pastor Troy Bohn and his wife in New Orleans, Louisiana. 1 other RV was donated, and two others were lent out for 3 other pastoral families.

This shows the debris that was swept up on top of the Baptist school next to us from the waters. The whole area was still pretty damp.

These are some of the donations that had been collected.

This is probably half, if not less than half, of the shoes that they had to give out to these families in need.

This is only one of the rooms that families could “shop” from. Families were allowed one shopping cart per household. They were only allowed to take a small amount of things, such as 4 rolls of toilet paper or one package of diapers, to accomodate for all the other families in need. Think about how much toilet paper you use in your house, and think of a household that holds more than one family and is only allowed 4 rolls of toilet paper. Never take anything for granted!

Pastor Troy Bohn praying for one of the wonderful women I was fortunate to meet this day.

Praise at its most powerful and finest. These people praised God as if they had everything they ever needed in their possession.

On the way to Biloxi: Can anyone find the McDonald’s sign?

Biloxi, Mississippi. A house reduced to just its roof.

This house was moved into the street.

This “Good Times” boat was taken all the way inland from the water, taking telephone lines with it.

Notice the water line.

Another moved house. Match up the stairs and the front door, and that’s how the house used to be intact.

More destruction…

“Bread will rise again. It kneads time.”

We found the Red Cross! Apparently their ONE truck was lost in Biloxi!

Biloxi also held several Salvation Army camps for supplies. These guys were awesome! They collected our water we brought, and then hugged us and prayed for US! When we delivered the water, people came from out of nowhere to collect. It was almost gone when we pulled away.

To read the full story behind our trip, click here.


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