I’m Home!

Got home at 2 PM, just in time to unload the van and then meet my daughter from school. After catching up and doing our nails (hey, we’re girls, remember?), we went and picked up Lucas from school. We all went out for smoothies at the Juice Shack, and then to her soccer game. There she kicked the other team’s butts, with a score of 0-0. 🙂 Then on to the store to pick up dinner and some other groceries, since we were cleaned out. Made pizza for dinner, gave them each showers, ironed Summer’s clothes for tomorrow, then finally got them in bed late at 9:30 pm. Now I’m getting started on my laundry with a face mask on, and catching up on the computer while waiting to put in the next load. I am pooped! As soon as the next load goes in, I am going to bed.

I just caught up on UGO4God, and found out that Lori and the gang were not able to get a flight home, and are now driving home. Now, driving home for my family, though tiring, was an awesome experience. But this is completely different for them. They will be joined on the roads by thousands of people also trying to flee the storm, so the roads will be jam packed. Gas is starting to run out. And the weather is unpredictable. Please pray for them.

Also, please pray for those in Rita’s path, especially those families who have already been hurt by Katrina, and cannot afford anything else to happen to them. When we left Pastor Troy and his congregation, their homes were RVs. Their homes before that are under water or molding. And it sounds to me like they were still there when Lori and the team left. Please pray for all of them: Pastor Troy and the Raven team, the residents of the gulf areas about to be hit, and all the poeple over there who are helping via the Red Cross, Salvation Army, religious groups, military, and anyone else.

I will have a full entry on my trip soon, but need time to upload pictures and such. We didn’t stay long, but this experience added something more to my views on life, and it definitely changed my parents! But for now, my wash is ready to be changed out, and I am ready to go to bed. Night, y’all!


One thought on “I’m Home!

  1. You have been sorely missed! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I hope you will be at Gina’s tomorrow night. Or, feel free to stop by the church office tomorrow.Love you.


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