Spam comments

There has been quite a bit of spam comments lately, and I’m noticing on mine and other blogs I read. As much as I love receiving comments on my blog, as it means I am read and maybe even loved, I am deleting any spam comments I receive. I am not deleting other comments though. I just find spam comments uncool and unnecessary on my blog. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Spam comments

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  2. I am so leaving the above comment, as proof of irony. I mean jeez, I got spammed on my anti-spam post! How funny is that? And quick! This was posted not 5 minutes after I posted.


  3. Hey Crissi! There is a way to block spam comments. Go to the Blogger homepage and read about turning on letter verification. It should tell you how to turn it on. It helps a lot (I don’t get spamments anymore)


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