UGO4GOD, mission to Louisiana

If you haven’t already, please check out UGO4GOD, a blog that is recording faith based missions, and is keeping track of the members of our church who are caravaning to Louisiana to offer their help as well as loads and loads of supplies (clothes, food, etc), as well as letting readers know what they can do or contribute to help. I was there this evening to help see off our first team, and felt so blessed to just be able to help load up the rest of the stuff at the Gonzalez’ house. My prayers go out to our first team of four: Jimmy, Brian, and Rudy who started out on their mission today, and Gregory (who I believe is already there).

Please check out UGO4GOD. Offer your support, and let them know you’re praying for them. God bless!


One thought on “UGO4GOD, mission to Louisiana

  1. Man, I am so excited for them. I saw Jimmy today at the church office and asked, “Are you excited, anxious?” And he said “Yes.” I KNOW that God will use them in amazing ways and that they will feel our prayers and God will hear our prayers. God bless all those who are responding to God’s call and saying, “Here am I. Send me.”


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