The end of the vacation

God is good, isn’t he? I’ve had the most blessed week! I spent Monday through Friday with the kids in San Diego at my sister’s house. SD is my type of living. Beaches with actual warm weather and water you can stick more than a toe in, a laid back community that’s way of life includes a guitar and a surfboard, and just the whole essence of what SoCal stands for. It was pretty awesome. I have been thirsting for a night beach party, and apparently that is a requirement out there. Once the sun sets, the fires are lit in the pits on the beach. People bring out their guitars and sing to anyone who will listen, and smiles are passed around like the world is family. The kids and I fell in love with San Diego this visit. Pictures will come soon, as soon as they develop. I forgot the digital camera, so we went the Kodak way.

Friday I came back, and after unpacking and getting the kids cleaned up and settled in their beds, I headed out for Gina’s house. Apparently with her worship night, her house was the place to be! I felt so fortunate to have been able to experience the meditations that she put together, and it just blessed me. I can’t believe this was the first one I went to, that I missed all the others. Well, now that they are on Fridays, I am excited that I will be able to attend more.

Saturday was busy with soccer and work. After Summer’s game, I had to drag my poor kids all over Sonoma County to take pictures of houses. 18 houses to be exact, from Fountaingrove to Sebastopol. I took them out for ice cream first to butter them up, and then spent the next 2 1/2 hours taking pictures of mansions. I love it, but the kids hate it. Oh, but they were troopers. My last house was about 2 miles away from the Bodega Bay Arts and Wine festival, so on a whim we decided to head over there and check it out. It ended up being $10 to enter, when I was under the impression that it was free. But a nice couple handed me free tickets to get in. I let the kids go on the jumpy slide once in there, then I bored them by going booth to booth checking out all the interesting crafts and knick knacks. After that, we grabbed some McD’s, rushed home and wolfed it down, and then headed back out for church. I don’t even think I need to describe what a blessing church is in itself, especially now that I’m going to Saturday night services when a lot of my friends are going. Let’s just say that it’s like a drink of water when I am parched. I can feel a lot of restoration taking place inside of me, and it feels wonderful.

Today I spent the day at the Rennaisance Faire. The weather was perfect (this particular one was held in SF), the kids were perfect, the food and company were perfect. Everything was like clockwork. I especially can’t get over how well the kids minded today! It was the perfect end to summer.

Tomorrow the kids start school again. Summertime’s lazy days are now over, confined to only Saturday’s with the kids. But this summer has been an absolute blast, I dare to say the best ever. I’ve dared to get out there, experience new things, get off my duff and show the kids and myself a good time. I’ve even discovered the most fun is had when it’s spontaneous and unplanned. Life is good, and getting better everyday. Praise the Lord!


One thought on “The end of the vacation

  1. I, too, thoroughly enjoy the Saturday night 7 o’clock service. Granted, I haven’t been to any of the other services, but when I returned to Hope last week after all my travels, I felt totally enveloped in the Spirit. It was awesome!!!


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