My son, Homey Lucas, was just too much today! I took the kids out for McDonalds, and then the Sweete Shoppe in Windsor, and let me tell you, I am paying the price! He has been way too wound up all evening. I decided to skip church tonight to give Margeurite a break, as Lucas would have likely made her bonkers! I had a heck of a time getting him to calm down. I actually know better. Lucas cannot handle his sugar. It is his drug of choice. If Lucas even gets one little bit of sugar, he goes nuts. So, of course, I let him have a whole box of Nerds to himself, to wash down the Happy Meal from before. Hey, it’s the weekend, the kids have been bored stiff with this off and on rain, what is better to a kid than to visit a CANDY SHOP? I know, serves me right. At 9:30 pm, and with no nap today, I still can’t guarantee he’s in bed. He’s been bouncing off the walls all night. And I preach constantly about his sugar reaction to his dad. Guess where he’s going tomorrow? Yup, to his dad’s. Uh oh, I’m in trouble…. LOL!


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