Phoenix Rising….

A life for a life…

The above link is a story that caught my eye today, and is likely to start off another national debate on a family’s private decision of life and death. But I think it’s beautiful, a tragedy etched with hope.

In a nutshell, this young woman was stricken with cancer during her pregnancy, and eventually lost all brain activity. She is being kept on life support, as per her husband’s wishes, for the benefit of her unborn child. The hope is that by mid-July the doctors can succesfully deliver her child in her 25th week, and then be able to be take her off of life support to die peacefully.

If you pray, please include this family in your prayers, that the Lord will protect them from any danger, and keep this baby healthy. I am praying that the cancer’s progression will slow and not touch any of the woman’s organs that this baby is depending on, and for him to prosper after his premature birth.


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