Ok, Gina, I’m nodding! I know, I know, I gave everyone a hard time, and then I quit blogging. Truth is, I haven’t had much to write about. Not many people are interested with the best part of my day, which just so happens when the kids go to bed and I get to flop with exhaustion on the couch, only to have my son tell me he has to go potty….again.

Actually, life’s been good. The kids and I have such a routine going, and everything’s been really easygoing. I’m actually looking forward to Tuesday, my court date. I’m feeling ever more confident in my decision. And I had a talk with my MIL, and we were able to reassure each other on our positions. I’m now at ease. And if the judge goes along with the mediator (he will), it will benefit everyone. My ex will get the help he needs to be a better father to the kids, and in general in his life. My kids will get the help they need through the Safe Step program I’m enrolling them in (a program for kids who witnessed or were victims of domestic violence). And the kids will have more positive influence in their life. This order would only be for 6 months, as they will be evaluating progress at another mediation and court date in 6 months, which just ensures progress (or that my ex is insane and I win full custody).

Beyond that, I’ve been working harder than hardly working, and I’ve started dating someone new. I’m not ready to talk about that so much as it’s still really new, but I have only good feelings about it. 🙂

As for my faith, I admit I took a one week hiatus from church, which ended up being a two week hiatus, minus working in the preschool. But I filled that time and then some with plenty of walks at Spring Lake with the Lord, and a lot of spiritual meditation. I actually feel like I refreshed myself in some ways. With that said, I’m looking forward to Church Under the Oaks coming up. Should be loads of fun, and extremely spiritual.

So that’s my update. Truth is, I will probably be blogging less now too. How sad that we’re all growing tired of it. But my blog mission has steered from spiritual to more diarylike. I think I need to go back to the spiritual road in this blog, if only to get me back into the word again.


2 thoughts on “Nodding….

  1. Hey Crissi! I have just posted a long blog (with pictures!) I’m glad to hear that you are doign well, and I am praying for you and your kids and your ex as you approach this court date.As your friend, (and based on what you have shared previously) I feel it is important to ask whether you have defined some boundaries for your new relationship. So, have you? Is there some way that I can help keep you accountable. I pray that God guides you and him. Great to hear from you. I fear it may be a while before I see you again, I am going to spend the next couple weekends travelling. But I will be checking your blog when possible.Love ya!


  2. I post almost every day, not because I think I’m interesting, but because I have this obsessive need to hit the “publish” button. It’s almost as fun as emptying those little cream containers into my coffee and then squishing them into oblivion, but not nearly as satisfying. It’s funny, it feels like everyone else is winding down with the blogging, and I’m just getting started. Keep checking my site, I promise to be as pointless and ponderous as ever!


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