Tomorrow morning is the mediation for custody changes. This is when I plead my case to a mediator and he gives his recommendation to the judge. 9.9 times out of 10, the judge will rule in favor of the mediator’s recommendation. I’m not sure if my ex will be there or not. I sent him paperwork with the dates highlighted on it, so I don’t know how much more clear I need to be with him. I do not talk to him otherwise because of his behavior with me. But knowing him, he figured it was another demand for child support and threw it away. If he shows up, I really don’t think he could sway things his way. But is he doesn’t, I think it will only help my case.

But I am nervous. And mostly it’s still due to doing the right thing. In my heart I do feel I am doing the right thing. But after this, I am going to have a lot of people angry with me, and I’m not one to handle ridicule well. I know his mother will have plenty to say, and it goes without saying that my ex will have a lot to say.

As far as the kids go, I’ve been preparing them by telling them this week that Daddy and I might be amending our schedule a bit so that I get a weekend with them, and then he gets a weekend with them. Summer understands some, but I know she’s not thrilled with the plan. And Lucas won’t understand fully until it’s underway. And this week he’s been asking for his daddy more than usual. It’s troubling when this is the week that I am going to try to get full custody and allow him less visitation.

But as far as everything else, I am ready. I have documentation and taped phone calls. Now I just need to pray for God’s work to happen in the best interest of the kids. I have prayed that if this isn’t what’s best, to not let it go through, but if it is, to help it go all the way. And of course, your prayers are needed too….


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