Hello, I must be going

Which falls faster from a 10 story building, a stupid computer, or my sanity?

Ok, how ironic is this? I just finished writing a whole post on computer problems, and then posted it, and ended up losing the whole post because of computer problems. I am going to scream!

Anyways, I’ll start over. But just let it be known that my last post was brilliant, and probably would have been copied and pasted into other people’s blogs for years to come. Oh well, this is my feeble attempt to recreate a masterpiece.

If you were on my computer, you could see some very nifty pictures to vies with my blog entries. But I discovered the other day when accessing my blog through another computer, that the pics only came up as those ugly boxes with little X’s in the corner. What a bummer!

When I first started my blog, I downloaded “Hello” for uploading my pics. I was able to use it long enough to post my pic on the blog, and have since been unable to use it. It now says somehting failed to initialize, and to re-download it. I did this, and still I received the same message. I have since said goodbye to “Hello”.

This is just one of many problems I am having with this damn computer. I tried to upgrade my iTunes yesterday, and the computer refused to work without having to reboot 50 times. It is inundated with spam, that I have to delete out of the computer every week or we spend the majority of our time clicking off of these sites that keep popping up like popcorn. The computer freezes up, allows screens to stay put when we exit them, and ignores our commands. Or the page I ma working on just disappears, and leaves me no other option but to reboot. ARGH!

The thing is, the computer is only 1 year old. And it’s a Dell. Does that make a difference? I am so done with this computer, except that my work relies on it, and I am hopelessly addicted to it.

Oh, and I’m cranky because I am sick again…


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