This morning I woke up without a voice, and the realization that all these aches and pains have been from getting sick. I don’t know why that’s a relief, but it is. I actually feel so much better today, even if I’m still worn down and the kids keep making fun of my voice. Yes, I have lovely children. And what’s funny, when you can only speak in a whisper it has the ability to cause the people around you to also speak in whispers, as if all you’re trying to do is keep quiet. I also have this interesting gurgle in my lungs, so I’m hacking constantly.

Today I’m back at work, though my dad is staying really far away from me, and keeps his hand hovering over his face to ward off the cold germs. But it feels good to be up off the couch, and not wanting to collapse. In my sick mode, it is my first step to normal. Wow, I’m such a wimp.

I’m still on soft foods. Mostly it’s out of fear. I’m afraid to chew anything with my back teeth and I’m still having trouble opening my mouth all the way. And my appetite is nil. I’ve been living on pudding, applesauce, and even babyfood. Good news is through all of this I’ve lost 5 pounds. Bad news is, I’ll gain it back once I start eating again. It’s too bad I can’t be sickly all the time, huh?

Anyways, that’s my quick update. Everyone have a wonderful day!


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