Sick and Tired

I am not one to complain about my aches and pains, but I am hurting! I feel like crap. Yesterday and the day before I was fine, but today I just feel fluish and out of sorts. My parents have left for Fort Bragg for the weekend, and my sister is at work. So I am on my own today. This leaves me alone and feeling a little sorry for myself. I was fine the last two days, I’m not entirely sure why I’m feeling so horrible today. Probably because I am cutting my pain medication in half so that I’m not so dependant on it. But there is this beautiful blue sky outside and I am cooped up inside with nothing to do, not that there’s anything I want to do! I hate feeling this way! Tomorrow I get the kids back and I keep wondering how I’m going to do it, since I am not allowed to drive or anything. I thought I’d be off these meds by now, but just cutting them in half is leaving me miserable. I’m not even sure if I can make it to church tomorrow, and I may have to have my ex drop off the kids here at home. And with all this time to do nothing but think, I keep stressing about the little stuff. Ugh! I really hope this passes; the aches and pains, the feeling sorry for myself, the aloneness.


2 thoughts on “Sick and Tired

  1. Hey Crissi! You are missed. I’ll pray for your pain. I got mine pulled last year and I know how you feel. But it does not last forever. Know that you are loved.


  2. If the pain is still that bad, give your dentist a call just to be sure that you don’t have dry socket. It should be feeling better by now. 🙂 your nurse, Gina


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