Dog and Butterfly

God must be smiling today. Spring is in full bloom, and I can’t get enough of this sunshine! The butterfly migration is taking place today through our backyard. We are fortunate enough to live in a place where we can witness such beauty. Several weeks ago it was the bird migration. Unfortunately, the little buggers are too fast to snap a picture of, but I so wanted to show a picture of today’s beauty. So I settled on a picture of my dog peeking through the garden gate at me as I searched for a silly butterfly to take a picture of. I think she thought I was nuts. So I took her picture instead.

This is my dog Zoe. She is a fire truck reincarnated. I know this because we live near a fire station, and whenever a firetruck blares its siren, my normally mild-mannered dog lifts her nose to the sky and howls with it. It’s so spooky sounding it’s beautiful. She does not chase balls. If you throw one at her, she takes that as a cue to ignore the ball and just happily run at you and run into your legs, looking for some affection. Happiness to Zoe is a belly rub. She hardly ever barks, except if you just happen to be walking by our house. And it’s not out of protecting, it’s because she wants you to come over and pet her. But she does not tolerate other dogs in her yard, and will complain about it. But I guess when you’re an old girl like her, you’re allowed to be crotchety.

Anyways, happy spring to all of you, and have a blessed day!


One thought on “Dog and Butterfly

  1. I love spring. It is so nice to be outside in the warmth, driving with my window down, and watching the butterflies plow into my windshield leaving a yellow discharge splattered across the glass. I love spring.


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