Can sin be positive?

Besides freewill and lessons to be learned, could God be allowing sin into our lives to bring us closer to him? I know of times when I have sinned because it was easier to sin rather than to follow God’s word. But my guilt made me pray harder than ever when I first tried explaining away my sin, and then eventually sought repentance.

This topic has been on my mind for awhile now, and Jimmy’s current blog entry brought it back up in a way. One of his questions was Is there any thing that holds such a power over you that you cannot say no? Don’t we all have something along these lines, small or big? We are all sinners, be it our thoughts, our words, or our actions. We all have some sort of crutch that keeps us from being absolutely pure. Christ did not die on that cross because we are perfect. But when it comes to admitting these wrongs, I think that’s almost as hard as giving up the sin, at times.

Since all you shameless readers already know too much about my life (LOL!), I’ll just say generically that I am a sinner. And there are definitely times when I am put in a situation that show my weaknesses in my Christian walk. And each time I struggle, I have the most intense talks with God, even if at times it’s an argument with him. And yes, there are times when I don’t like his answer for my life, so I turn my back on him and go the other way. But he is always there, and ready for me when I have come to my senses. It’s like I’m the teenager, and he is the parent. He has his rules all lined up, and sometimes I just decide I know more about my life and rebel. But when I sheepishly come back, he is there with his arms open. Sometimes I come back out of my guilt, and sometimes I come back because things got harder due to my poor choices. But the sin itself brings me into Jesus’ arms, begging for forgiveness and willing to lay my life down again. Each sin brings me back with a desire for strength in him. And rather than turn his back on me as I did to him, he gives his love without conditions. This is why I love the Prodigal Son story so much, because it pertains to all of us as sinners, and how God is ever-faithful in his acceptance of us when we return. We are always welcome in God’s family as long as we want it.


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