Ok, I need a change of pace today. I would give anything for a great haircut and color! Months ago I went through this period of time when I needed a drastic change, and that included dyeing my hair BLACK. Yes, it was drastic. And not only was it black, it was BLUE-BLACK. Yes, that’s right, my naturally red highlights were exchanged for blue ones. And suddenly I was a different person. I felt like I needed more tattoos or something, to go with my blue-black hair.

And I felt different! I had attitude. I felt not so girly, but ruggedly. I wore more makeup to offset the paleness my skin took on even more because of the blue-black hair. And at first, I really hated this hair. I thought I would end up looking exotic, and instead I looked like a biker chick or something. I stopped being Crissi who was going through a painful divorce, but Crissi who had really blue-black hair. I felt like a giant thumb, or something, this big abstract thing in the midst of normal people with normal hair. And I tried everything to tone down this mistake of a haircolor. I was told that dish soap can fade hair color. Well, a bottle later, and I realized that black just doesn’t go away, it has to grow out.

Well, eventually my blue-black hair became just black, and I got used to it. I added this bright red to the top of it, and it actually looked really cool. And after my hair had calmed down, I suddenly received lots of compliments on my bold choice. I started playing more with it, and again felt like a different person. But this time it wasn’t the biker chick, but the exotic girl I was searching for.

Well, hair does grow, and I’ve been too chicken to redo the whole black thing. So now it is brown for about 3 inches, and then it is black. And I hate it again! I’ve been wearing it up for the most part, so I have brown on my head, and a black ponytail. It’s a horse effect, I guess, with a black tail. But as soon as I scrape the money together, it’s changing again.

Yes, this is the most superficial post I’ve come up with. But the thing is, there was a time when I never cared much about my appearance. Now I do. And I think it’s important.


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