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I don’t think there is any greater feeling than being in love. I’m not just talking about romantic love, but all aspects of it. We are all in love, whether we know it.

As silly as this sounds, this topic was generated in me after finishing a book I’ve been reading for the past few days, The Lovely Bones. I’m one of those people that can fall into the pages of the book I’m reading, and feel the things I am reading about. The imagery, the heartache, the everything. And when it’s done, it’s almost disappointing, because it’s over. But all the happenings in the book invoked all the emotions I constantly have running through me, and I had to get to a computer and write them all down.

I have experienced true love through the love of my children. I have heard that having children is like placing your heart outside of yourself. It’s true, and then some. My children are my soul. There is nothing purer than loving my children. My most serene times are when I am holding one of them in my arms in the most casualest of moments for them, as we watch a movie or read a story. But to me it is anything but casual. It is tender and emotional. Sometimes it takes so much to keep the tears out of my eyes as they do the simplest thing like lean against me. When they are gone at their dad’s house, my heart goes with them. While I wouldn’t necessarily say I am incomplete anymore, as I am getting accustomed to this arrangement and know they will come back to me, I do feel that piece of my heart is with them.

A love that I miss is the love of the romantic kind. Yes I was married, and I felt a certain kind of love. But I imagine that I have yet to experience the purest kind of love with a partner in life. The true love I feel for my kids, I hope I get to experience this kind of love with a husband. No it’s not the same kind of love, but I want the deepness of it. At this point, I do have hope. I have so much more of myself to attain before I can have this, but I still dream of it, nevertheless. I want a best friend in my husband, someone I can share my whole life with. I want someone who I can grow old with comfortably, someone who can support me, and allow me to support him.

Love is a wonderful thing. All you need is love. In the name of love. Love lifts us up where we belong.

Love is the closest way to God. Love was created by God. God loves us. God created love so that we can love Him, we can feel His love for us, and we can love each other. There is no greater feeling than that of love. When we remember others, we love. When we cry, we do so out of love. When we laugh, we love. Love allows us to see things in a different light. Love creates harmony and compassion. Love allows us to do things we normally wouldn’t dream of doing. Love is the base of all we feel. Sometimes we love so much it hurts, but the best part of love is when it creates sparks in your soul.

*Thank you Lord for Love. Thank you for giving us this piece of you and of Heaven inside of us. Thank you for the feelings of hope and faith that love invokes inside of us. And Lord, I love you.


One thought on “More on Love

  1. Crissi, it is amazing what God can lay on someones heart and help others to understand through their own experiences as well. I understand where you are coming from. I remember a day when I was working for Green Acres adn I was simply driving back from Fairfield with a couple of kids. I had placed my laptop in back so they could watch a movie. I remember glancing back and feeling full of joy and love at just the peacefulness that was about them, the innosence, the ability to pull away from the world and the past that constantly plagues them. Yet in all my tiem working with those kids, that is one that I remember most and I cherish that. I think it is the same for you with your kids.

    As for finding someone for that relationship you want to have for the rest of your life, I am there too. But we both must remember that He has the perfect match for us both and that he will provide the timing and that special someone. Bu t we must be willing to listen to Him as well. I pray that we all and would be able to listen to his will in regards to relationships with that future someone.

    Thank you for posting a piece of your heart for all of us to see.


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