Summer’s earache

Summer has an earache today. Last night she was crying abd was in a lot of pain. So I gave her some tylenol and took a blow dryer to her ear. It’s a home remedy my mom told me about that is supposed to dry out her ear and lessen the pain. It did temporarily, but then she was in pain again. I put some cotton in her ear and put her back to bed, and by the time my shower was done and I got back to the room, she was almost asleep and feeling better.

This morning she woke up with a little pain, and her ear was all gross from it draining. Apparently the cotton fell out during the night. The truth is, she probably could have gone to school, but I allowed her this time to stay home with me, with the understanding that she would be accompanying me throughout the day while I worked. Luckily, I have a job that allows me to do this. So Summer and I ahve been spending the day together.

It’sbeen kind of nice. I had a little companion with me while I took pictures in Rohnert Park, even if she was cranky and complained the whole time. I treated her to some Jack in the Box (yes, I refrained!), and now we’re back home until I need to go back out to work. She’s, of course, taking advantage of her first sick day of the school year, and catching up on the TV she’s been missing. Oh well, what are sick days for? And I secretly love the fact that she gets to spend the day with me, since our time together seems so limited nowadays.

Prayers are definitely appreciated for her ear! Strep throat is going around her school, and I really hope this isn’t the beginning of that! And I know this earache has to be uncomfortable. I was unfortunately plagued with them in my childhood, and I think it had an effect on my hearing as a result. It doesn’t seem to be that my kids have this same problem, but each time an earache arises, I get a little worried.

*Dear Lord, please place your healing hands on Summer’s ears and heal her. Take away the pain and discomfort so that she can run around and play like every other 7 year old.



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