Lent fasting

I read Liz’ blog, and it reminded me that I need to post about my fast for Lent so that I can receive support and be held accountable. When I first started thinking about what to fast from, the very first thought came to cutting meat out of my diet. I humored the thought, but figured it was too hard. Yeah, that was the child in me talking. But that fast kept coming back to me, and I realized that was what the Lord wanted me to give up for Him. I am still allowing myself seafood and eggs, but I am fasting from all land animal meat. And this will be a hard one. It will take a conscious effort, as well as a lot of prayer, to keep from forgetting about my fast. This fast includes chicken broth, so no more soups or rice cooked in that.

I also am going to do my best to really watch myself in the next 40 days in my everyday sins. I want to be more conscious of my actions, and whether they glorify the Lord or not. I am using the next 40 days as a stepping stone to making it a habit in my life to be more about Him and less about me.

*This is my sacrifice to You, Lord. It is not very much, and you are worth so much more. But I lay this sacrifice at your feet and pray that it is acceptable to You. In these 40 days, I will give it all my effort to make this sacrifice pleasing and my efforts worthy of You. I cannot do this without You, as I am aware of how much this will take of me. I pray for the stamina and the courage to follow through and be successful in sacrificing land meat and my sins for You.

In Your Heavenly Name,



3 thoughts on “Lent fasting

  1. Crissi, I keep learning that it isn’t really a “successful” fast, if it’s not something that is difficult to do. I would have an incredibly difficult time with your fast. Perhaps I will do it sometime in the future. Thanks for offering your support in my fast. I would love to take this journey with you. I also will be praying for you in your fast. Please check up on me every now and then, to see how I am doing. So far, so good.


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