I do not suffer

I haven’t been wanting to write because I find myself using these pages to feel sorry for myself. I’ve realized that while stuff is happening to me, the biggest turmoil lies inside of me and how I choose to process things. I am focusing on all this negative, and temporarily forgetting the positive. The truth is, I have so much good stuff happening in my life right now, and I am ignoring my blessings by dedicating all my time and energy to the negative.

Not only that, if I were to stop focusing so much on myself, I would see that my problems are few compared to those of others. I have not truly suffered, as others have. I am blessed with so much!

Yes, our problems are our own, and that’s what makes them hard for us. But what if I changed the way I viewed things? What if I stopped dwelling and just went back to focusing on the positives in life. How would that affect my outlook, and how I dealt when these problems arose again? Would I be closer to God without all this stuff just weighing me down? Well, I plan to find out! Maybe it’s time I started unloading my backpack too, huh Gina?

*Lord, you have given me so much, and I have opened my eyes to your blessings. Thank you for this life and all it holds. Thank you for not putting me through a life that holds much suffering. Thank you for the love and promise that surrounds me. Help me to see all this even when times are harder than they are now. I want to be your child, and always thankful for what I have.



2 thoughts on “I do not suffer

  1. Sorrow has an odd way of bringing me closer to God. Don’t just think that focusing on the positive will bring you closer to God. I think focusing on God being in control and completely capable is a better way of seeing it. When you really think about it, it’s amazing how much of the teaching of the Bible is about getting out of yourself and concerning yourself with others. This is something that I struggle with every single day of my life. Sometimes, I stay stuck in myself though and I almost forget that others exist. I have to continually remind myself what I’m called to do, who I’m called to be and ask myself if I’m doing it with my whole heart and loving others. Cuz loving God and loving others is really what it’s all about. There is no “I” in the big “L”. 🙂


  2. Well, Crissi, I think focusing on the negatives in one’s life is a natural thing. After all, the negatives usually take more thought and effort to control or overcome. It’s also true that one can over-do it; that one can focus so intently on the negatives that one totally looses site of the positive stuff. As in most things a balance between the two is to be strived for.

    Unfortunately for ME, I tend to obsess on what is vexing me…focus on it nearly entirely until I cypher out a way around or over it…and then revert back to my default personality, a generally happy, though rather cynical, plodder thru life.


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